In September 2016 I packed up my life and moved to San Francisco from London. As well as blogging about living in the US, I share travel guides and updates with my friends, family and anyone else who wants to read.

My passions include travel, food & drink, animals & wildlife, reading, writing and the outdoors.

I chose the name ‘One Bay or Another’ for my blog because I love living by the sea. The bays I’ve lived in or near include Morecambe Bay (Lancaster, UK), Cullen Bay (Darwin, Australia), Port Phillip (Melbourne, Australia) and now San Francisco Bay.

I was apprehensive about starting this blog. Would anybody read it? Is it self-indulgent? Am I showing off? Now, having been writing about travel and my new life in San Francisco for a year, I wish I’d started blogging years ago.

Documenting my travels, sharing tips and writing about my experiences helps me to appreciate them and reflect on living life in a new country. I just wish I’d been blogging for the last 15 years!